FAQ: Fluffy Audio Questions


Q: What is the difference between Kontakt and Kontakt Player?
Kontakt is the most widespread sampler, produced by Native Instruments. Most of the sample-based instruments in the market are built up using Kontakt audio engine. A full version of Kontakt provides you a complete set of sample manipolation tools and the possibility to run properly all Fluffyaudio Libraries, while Kontakt Player is a free application that hosts NI sample-based instruments as well as many third-party libraries. To know more, check out Native Instruments page here: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-5-player/kontakt-player-vs.-kontakt/.

Kontakt is a standalone product bought from Native Instruments or it’s part of the Komplete and Komplete Ultimate bundles.

There’s a quick way to check if you have it. Open Kontakt, and have a read to the name in the title bar. If there’s a Player name after Kontakt, you don’t own the full version of Kontakt (or maybe you have it but you have to authorize it using the Service Center / Native Access app).

In the end, please watch to Mike Greene detailed explanation about the two Kontakt versions.


Q: I’m using a Fluffyaudio Sample Library in Kontakt but I can’t get out from demo mode!

A: You are probably running your library in Kontakt Player. To run our sample libraries properly you need a full version of Kontakt.

Q: I downloaded the library and i tried adding it to my Kontakt Player but it does not recognizes it as a library.

A: Fluffyaudio Libraries run properly only with a full version of Kontakt. It can’t be added as a Library in the libraries panel, but you can load it in many different ways:

By loading one of the NKI files with the “Files” menu, by dragging a NKI file in the Kontakt window or by using the quick load menu in Kontakt.

Mike Greene video from Realitone is very helpful about this:


Q: Why Fluffyaudio products do not run in Kontakt Player?

A: According to Native Instruments policy, developers who want their products to run in Kontakt Player need to pay a fee. This fee has to be paid in advance for hundreds of copies of the library.

Right now Fluffyaudio Development Team has decided to release only products that run with a full version of Kontakt to avoid charging our customers for the licensing costs of the player .

Q: I do not own Kontakt Full Version. Can I return the Sample Library?

A: According to our EULA, in this case we can’t refund your Sample Library.


Q: I didn’t receive the downloading links.

A: Fluffyaudio relies on Fastspring service, that should automatically provide you the download links right after the purchase, but it can take some minutes to get the links. In any case, if after having checked the SPAM folder and waited ten minutes you still haven’t received the download links, tell us using the contact module at the end of the page.

Q: It’s been over seven days since I received the download links, but I still haven’t downloaded my products.

A: If you let expire your downloading links, don’t panic. Write us using the contact module at the end of the page and we will refresh them. You’ll also need the link refreshed after more 4 download attempts and/or downloads from different locations.


Q: I successfully downloaded all the files. What do I need to do now?

A: Fluffyaudio Sample Libraries usually comes into a patch file and one or more sample files. So, once downloaded all the the files, you should have something like this:

“Product Name” Patch.rar

“Product Name” Samples.part01.rar

“Product Name” Samples.part02.rar

If you don’t know how to open .rar files, we suggest to download 7zip from www.7-zip.org (windows users) or unrarx from www.unrarx.com (mac users).

Q: How do I install Fluffyaudio Sample Library on my computer?

A: After downloading the files, do the following operation with the specified order:

  1. Move all the donwloaded files in a folder of your preference;
  2. Extract the Patch file;
  3. Extract the first Samples part file (Usually “Product Name” Samples.part01.rar);
  4. Please note that you don’t need to extract ALL the Samples.partXX.rar, you just need to extract the first one and the extractor will automatically extract the other archives;
  5. Open the NKI extracted file in Kontakt.

You should end with a folder structure like this:

[FOLDER] “Product Name” Samples

“Product Name”.nkr

“Product Name” .nkc

“Product Name”.nki

(In case of instruments like Rinascimento or AURORA, which features more than one single NKI file, the patches will be in a folder like “Product Name” Instruments)

Q: I’ve extracted all the files, but Kontakt complains about missing files, what can I do?

A: Please use the extracts above, for two main reasons:

1.Some RAR extractors don’t support multipart archives, RAR files splitted into many parts, and they can’t extract files correctly from those archives.

2.Some extractors incorrectly create some unnecessary sub-folders folders that unable Kontakt to correctly find the samples. In particular often the “Product Name” Patch.rar ends in a sub folder while it should stay in the main folder of the library.


Q: I’ve bought a library, but I don’t like it. Can I get a refund.

A: Since our libraries are just a collection of samples and not proper software that we can eventually deactivate, we can’t, unfortunately, refund a library once it has been purchased.

Q: I’ve bought a library, but there’s a bug, what can I do.

A: We usually test our libraries deeply, before their release. But it can happen that something doesn’t work as expected. In that case please check the manual before, to see if it’s really an unusual behavior of the instrument and then eventually contact us to report the unwanted behavior.

We can usually provide a fix for the user if it’s a specific need or eventually release an update for a widespread issue or feature wish.


We currently don’t have an EDUCATIONAL DISCOUNT plan, but we are looking to implement one soon.