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  • 15.05.15 / Trio Broz: Solo Violin released! To celebrate this exciting release we are running a 30% SALE on the whole shop! Introductory price on the Solo Violin last until the end of May!
  • 04.05.15 / The 15th of May we'll release the first volume of the Trio Broz: Solo Strings series. Trio Broz: Solo Violin! Check here the intro video
  • 04.01.15 / We've just released Simple Flute a FREE instrument for Kontakt! Download it for FREE here!
  • 29.12.14 / We've just released our new library DidgHybridoo! Special intro price available until January 6th. More info to the product page!


Scatola Violino

Trio Broz – Solo Violin

Intro Price: €99 / $109

Expressive Solo Violin for Kontakt 4+

SimpleFlute Box White

Simple Flute


DidgHybridoo Box


€28 / $35 €39 / $49

Hybrid Cinematic Didgeridoo for Kontakt



€105 / $139 €149 / $199

Hybrid and organic instruments for Kontakt


My Vibes

€49/ $63 €69 / $89

A deeply sampled vibraphone library for NI Kontakt

My Piano

My Piano

€42 / $49 €59 / $69

Warm and delicate sampled upright piano for NI Kontakt

My KeyGlock

My KeyGlock

€8 / $11 €11 / $14.90

Sampled Keyboard Glockenspiel for Kontakt

My Log Drum

My Log Drum


A primitive sounding percussion for NI Kontakt - FREE!


FluffyAudio is led by composer and sound designer Paolo Ingraito, from Italy.
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